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Playing House


Role: Artist, gamesmaster 
April 2020 - Current. 

Playing House is a weekly challenge series that came to life at the start the Coronavirus lockdown. Every weekend I published 12 imaginative, thoughtful & creative challenges online for people to do at home. From remaking music videos, using mirrors for art, writing postcard poetry, learning mandarin, doing headstands, dressing up A LOT - every weekend the house became a playground. 

With Playing House I wanted to breathe some joy, positivity and playfulness into people's weekends at home so that fun memories were being made during the otherwise pretty overwhelming time. 

Like so many others, I entered into 2020 with huge ambition and energy for projects I was bringing to life. Covid 19 swiftly wrecked pretty much all of those opportunities... so what happens to all that energy? Rather that let it go to waste or fuel a surge of depression - I decided to channel it into something that felt like creative relief and bring others along for the ride. 

As a person who makes stuff, I've rooted my identity in exploring the world around me, looking for different ways of perceiving the world as a catalyse for inspiration. Creatively, the lockdown period has been a philosophical test. What kind of creative person am I when the outside world is taken away? It's been (and continues to be) a huge exercise in resourcefulness, seeing things are they're not and maximising all corners of inside-the-box thinking.