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ROLE: Artist 

A pop up interactive origami installation and drop in space held at the Paperchase flagship store in London. 

Other's Day
is a digital movement providing a feeling of inclusion and solidarity that sits alongside traditional Mother's & Father's Day celebrations, for anybody who isn’t in the position to join in. Maybe their Mum's passed away; maybe they they've miscarried; are estranged, a looked-after child or live in a two-Dad family.

This year I had the absolute pleasure of working with the founder's of the brilliant do-good initiative Other's Day to create the first edition of Other's Day live. 

I met founders Emma & Robyn in a pub last year.  They liked my origami work and loved the idea of working together to create a physical Other's Day space. I helped them translate all the magic they had created online and create an pop installation and event space. 

**unfortunately Other's Day live had to be cancelled with one week to go due to the Covid 19 outbreak. Although this was truly heartbreaking - the process of making the event was a great experience and we have plans to pick it up back up when we can!