12x16 - A Year To Change The Way You See The World


In 2016 I started a creative project called 12x16. It was a year long project where I set a theme for each calendar month in something I had never done before or didn't know much about. 

The challenge was to see how much I could learn about the different ways humans express themselves in one month. Trying to meet as many people, and experience as many things along the way as possible. At the end of each month I had to create something or have an experience that completely embodied my learnings from that month. I journeyed between Origami, Animation, Cooking, Fitness, Photography, Storytelling, Songwriting, Colour… and more.

It was a year that completely changed the way I saw the world, my spare time and creativity.

The project gained a strong following throughout the year and a video I made that told my story, at the end of the year, gained 20,000 views in two days on Facebook, attracting messages from people all over the world who were inspired to take on a year of creative challenges themselves. 

I’ve since been asked to give talks and write articles about my experience and how I believe elements of it can be of use to others looking to reignite their creativity and start seeing the world in a more open way; where the creative unknown is more a source curiosity than it is one of fear. 

In February 2018 I was asked to be the Creative Mornings London speaker where I predominately spoke about this project, what it taught me, and how I think a project such as this one can be of great personal and creative benefit to those who feel stuck, bored or uninspired but in desperate need to reinvent themselves.

Off the back of 12x16 I founded Channel Twelve - which acts as the umbrella for all my experimental creative projects.