Searching for extraordinary creative ideas in ordinary places and bringing them to life in adventurous and collaborative ways.

Hello, I'm Sam.

My work involves playing both sides of the tape.

Side A - I’ve spent the last 6 years working in the music industry as a Manager at Everybody’s on global campaigns for artists such as Mumford & Sons, Keane, Jack Garratt, Gretta Ray & Tom Chaplin. I recently started freelancing as a creative consultant. I help artists / organisations / individuals solve problems, develop & strategise their creative practices and bring stories to life in innovative ways.

Side B - I also make artistic work myself. In 2017 I founded Channel Twelve - a space where I explore different forms of creativity through a series of ongoing cultural experiments.

My ethos is that the inspiration for potent creative concepts, in the arts or elsewhere, is more often than not, right in front of us. It's not that we can't see these fragments of inspiration - they are there in plain sight - we just don't look at them through the right lens. Through playful experimentation, hands-on creative research and a large dose of curiosity, I alter the lens I see the world through as much as possible.

The more ways you can see a problem, the quicker you can solve it.
The more ways you can see the world, the deeper you can empathise.

Past artistic work of mine has been featured in the London Design Festival & Brixton Design Trail and written about by the Evening Standard, Timeout & The Culture Trip


How can we work together?
Since January 2019 I have been freelancing as a creative consultant: bringing both my strategy experience as a manager and my creative experience as an artist to a varied pool of cultural projects.

  • I enjoy both working to briefs and coming up with concepts from scratch.
  • I work quickly and excel in keeping people motivated & inspired during a creative process.
  • My experience is broad across digitally focused campaigns and creating physical spaces - pop ups / installations / events / live shows.
  • I believe that trying new stuff, collaboration, great chats, diversity and not always sitting at desks are at the heart of finding innovative ideas that stick.

My door is always open to artistic collaborations! Whether that's on existing projects or new possibilities all together. Let's throw some paint around and see what sticks.

Contact me:
☎️+44 7875726482